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In the 1860s, Joseph Lovibond, the founder of The Tintometer Ltd, developed the original Lovibond Color system, which was based on a calibrated series of red, yellow and blue glas color standards.  Today companies throughout the world use Lovibond colorimeters in the analysis of products such as edible and industrial oils, fuel oils, chemicals, coatings and beverages.  Over the years the Lovibond brand has become the hallmark for color measurement in processing industries, recognised by major international standardising bodies, who quote our equipment in their specifications for color management (in particular ASTM standards and AOCS methods).  Tintometerís unparalleled knowledge is embodied into the Lovibond range of instruments, from the visual comparators for grading single color scales through to flexible, full-scale spectrophotometric instruments for objective colorimetry and data analysis.

 The range of Lovibond colorimeters covers the key color scales and color values that are used by industry for color control: 

ADMI Color APHA Color AOCS-Tintometer Color ASBC Color (American Society for Brewing Chemists) ASTM Color
Barrett Scale beta Carotene Brown Scale ChinesePharmacopoeia (CP) Color Chlorophyll A & B
Dichromate Color Index Dyed Aviation Gasoline EBC Color (European Brewery Convention) European Pharmacopoeia(EP) Color FAC Color
Gardner Color Hazen Units Hess-Ives Color Units HoneyColor ICUMSA Color Index
International Fruit Juice Union (IFU) Color IodineColor IP Units Klett Color (blue filter KS-42) Kreis Value
Lovibond RYBNColor Maple Syrup Paint Research Station (PRS) Color Pfund Equivalents PlatinumCobalt Color Scale
Rosin - French (Bordeaux) Color Rosin - Indian Rosin- US Naval Stores Saybolt Color Series 52 Color
Tanning Extracts US NavalStores Rosin US Pharmacopoeia (USP) Color Whiteness Index Yellowness Index
XYZtristimulus values xyY chromaticity co-ordinates CIE Lab color space CIELCh color space CIE uvY color space
Hunter Lab color space DEcolor difference Transmittance Absorptance Optical density

Lovibond color measuring instruments meet the requirements specified
in the internationally recognised standard test methods for colorimetry, in particular:
AOCS Method Scope Color Scale/Test 
AOCS Cc 13a  Animal fats and all fats and oils too dark to be graded by the Wesson method  FAC Color 
AOCS Cc 13b 
(Wesson Method) 
Normal oils and fats  AOCS-Tintometer Color 
AOCS Cc 13e 
Normal animal and vegetable oils and fats  Lovibond RYBN Color 
AOCS Cc 13j 
Color refined oils and tallows  AOCS-Tintometer Color, Lovibond RYBN Color 
AOCS Td 1a
Natural and synthetic drying oils, fatty acids and oil derivatives  Gardner Color 
AOCS Td 1b 
Light colored industrial oils and derivatives such as certain fatty nitrogen compounds 
Platinum Cobalt Color, Hazen Units, APHA Color 
AOCS Td 3a 
Color stability of fatty acids after heating  Gardner Color 
ASTM Standard 
Scope  Color Scale/Test 
ASTM D156 
Light colored petroleum products  Saybolt Color 
ASTM D509 
Rosins  Rosin, US Naval Stores 
ASTM D565 
Quality testing of white mineral oils   
ASTM D848 
Quality testing of industrial aromatic hydrocarbons  Acid Wash Color 
ASTM D1209 
Clear liquids  Pt-Co/Hazen/APHA Units 
ASTM D1363 
Impurities in acetone and methanol   
ASTM D1500 
Petroleum products  ASTM Color 
ASTM D1544 
Transparent liquids  Gardner Color 
ASTM D2392 
Aviation gasolines  Dyed aviation gasoline 
ASTM D6166 
Naval stores and related products  Gardner Color 
ASTM D6045 
Petroleum products (by the automatic tristimulus method)  ASTM Color, Saybolt Color