WACO Universal Can Stripper

Pays for itself in a few short months on labor savings alone!
An  important part of any seam evaluation is the actual teardown of the can seam to determine tightness or wrinkle rating. In the past, this job was often done with hand tools or with a seam lathe. The hand tool method is both difficult and time consuming, and frequently distorts the seam. The seam lathe is a large expensive piece of equipment which requires special training.
     The Waco Universal Can Stripper cuts the cover hook and separates it from the body hook without distortion. Moreover, it is faster, safer and easier than any other method available. The stripper pays for itself in labor savings alone in just a few months. Add the potential for loss of product caused by defective seam formation, and the purchase of a Waco Universal Can Stripper makes even more sense.

     Waco Universal Can Strippers may be used on round cans made of steel or aluminum. In operation, the can to be stripped is placed in the can holder assembly. As the cutter head is lowered onto the can, a switch is activated which automatically spins the cutter head around the top of the seam. The patented roller cutters engage the outer diameter of the seam and make a clean cut through the cover hook. The roller cutters continue downward, separating the cover hook without distortion. The cutting and stripping operation is done in one step and only takes 3 to 5 seconds.
     Due to the unique configuration of the roller cutters, only the cover hook is cut. The body hook and cover hook are in perfect condition for measurement or visual inspection. Seam defects such as pleats, puckers and wrinkles can be easily identified and examined. A special micrometer is available to measure the cover hook and body hook.

     Waco Universal Can Strippers are ruggedly built for safe, quiet, benchtop operation. Models are available for most common can sizes. When ordering, the end diameter and can height must be specified so that the appropriate change parts are included.
     All beverage can models are supplied with a built-in seam saw for cutting a cross section through the can seam. These cross sections are then measured and evaluated for overlap, body hook and cover hook with the WACO VSM II Video Seam Monitor.

The Waco Universal Can
Stripper's patented roller cutter
design allows the double seam
to be cut and stripped in one
operation in 3 to 5 seconds,
without distortion.

Net Weight: 35 lbs
Shipping Weight: 49 lbs
Dimensions: 12"w x 18"d x 18"h
Shipping Dimensions: 24 x 15 x 19
Power: 115V, 60 Hz 
(220V optional)

Waco Universal Can Stripper Cost Savings
     In a medium -size canning plant using a 12-head seamer, approximately four seam checks are initiated daily. That's a total of 48 separate can tear downs. A quick comparison shows how the WACO Universal Can Stripper can pay for itself in a few short months on labor savings alone.
Universal Can

12 cans
24 minutes
3 minutes
x 4 checks daily
96 minutes
12 minutes
x $18.00/hr
Daily Cost Savings
Full recovery of machine cost is made in less than seven months of operation.
Ordering Information
At the time of order, the exact can dimensions must be specified, such as 206/211 x 413 or 307 x 406.

Beverage Can Units
Catalog No. Description
10700-00 Waco Universal Can Stripper with double roller cutter head assembly and built in seam saw, for 12 oz. beverage cans
10704-00 Same as above, but for 12 & 16 oz. beverage cans
10701-01 Extra roller cutting with bearing
10710-00 Cover hook micometer for beverage cans, specially designed with a groove to position the cover hook for measurement.
10710-50 Cover hook micrometer for food cans
10715-00 Extra saw blades, 3" diameter, for built-in seam saw

Food Can Units

Models are available to suit most common food can sizes. Food can units do not include a seam saw. Please advise your exact can dimensions so that the proper change parts can be provided.

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